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I recently bought a set of tires at Dobbs in Cahokia il.I run over a nail in my rear right tire so i brought it to be repaired.

I checked the web sight to find out what time Dobbs Cahokia would open an it opens at 7:00am but the web says 7:30am. So i arrived there at about 7:35am. so I won't have to wait for my best convenience. I explaind i had a tire leak on my rear right tire to store manager Jim.

He told me i would have to wait at lease 30 minuites to be waited on. I asked him why. He told me he had no workers scheduled untill then. I asked him what time did the store open.

He said 7:00am. I explained to him that the reason for my coming as early as i did was to beat the crowd an cor my convenience. He told me he was not going to pay his workers to come in that early for my convenience because its too slow. Finally when his workers came to work an started on my vehicle,he came back in the lobby an told me i would have to pay a partial payment of $38.02 because there was a nail in the sidewall of the tire.

He allowed me to observe the tire and i did an i took a picture of it. I belive the tire could have been patched. Im not a certified tire specialist an dont want to void my warranty so i paid the fee. However i feel that even if the tire was beyond repair i shouldn't have had to come out of pocket because of my warranty, also because of my wait.

I didn't get out of the shop untill 9:00am.

I feel i should be reimbursed for the fee i paied if for nothing i were very well unconvinced and feel i was profiled.Thank You

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