I am sitting here in the Dobbs in Ballwin, MO. I had already had a bad experience with the Dobbs in Manchester, MO, previously when they did an oil change. Several days later when it rained and I turned on my windshield wipers they stood straight out from the windshield while I was driving. It was ridiculous.

So when I had a flat tire and my fiance suggested we go to Dobbs for the tire repair I said that I didn't think they were a woman-friendly company and that I wouldn't go there, but he could if he wanted to. So this past Saturday he dropped the tire off at the Dobbs in Ballwin, MO.

Today I went in with the vehicle to pick up the tire and my fiance had also given them his credit card number and authorized them to do an oil change and to check the brakes. They showed me that the brake pads were in need of replacement. I called my fiance and we went ahead and authorized them to repair the brakes.

They came into the waiting room and told me the vehicle was ready. I told them that I had been told that it would be two hours, but the gentleman said the vehicle was ready. I signed the bill and left.

I'd been home about an hour and I got a phone call from Chris at Dobbs. He said they had a miscommunication and that they had not done the brake work. He asked if I could come right back. I asked if he would give me a further discount because of the inconvenience and he said no - that they had already given me $50 of the brakes. I already knew that they had the $50 advertised special so he wasn't offering anything special for my inconvenience.

I am now back there. I had to call the corporate office to get them to give me $20 for my time and trouble. The manager and Chris continued to be rude to me even after the corporate office had called them.


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